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Posture re-training

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Over time, the effects of ageing and gravity take their toll on our bodies. Appropriately targeted training of our bodies inner core and postural muscles can help us regain and retain our postural alignment. Without good posture, our bodies become susceptible to a variety of musculoskeletal disorders including; headaches, back pain, shoulder impingement and an overall decrease in function… not allowing us to do what we once could.

Posture re-training is not about just going to the gym. Its overall aim is to improve postural alignment and everyday strength. The exercises may involve; light weights, balance re-training, core exercises, pilates-like strength exercises, functional whole-body movements, bodyweight exercises and so on. In fact, many of the exercises taught in this session are designed to be replicated at home so you can continue your program without the need of going to a costly gym.

If you spend hours hunching over a computer or staring down at a smartphone, you’ve likely been plagued with the pain known as “tech neck.” … It can feel like a strain at the neck, stiffness in the shoulders, might result in headaches, and can do worse damage to the spine over time.

Why posture is so important

Improving and strengthening your posture has been shown to be a successful rehabilitation tool for conditions such as:

  •  Chronic low back pain
  •  Neck Pain
  •  Poor core stability
  •  Headaches
  •  Dance related injuries and retraining
  •  Improving athletic performance
  • Pre and post pregnancy strengthening
  •  A must for any dancers or dance students
  •  Post-surgical recovery
  •  Pre-surgery preparation

How to start

Ben Butler-Bonnice runs our one-on-one Posture re-training sessions, we call it “Physio-Rehab”. These appointments are conducted upstairs in our bespoke rehab area.

The sessions are double sessions and last for about 45 minutes, BUT, are the same cost as a normal Physiotherapy appointment.

As the sessions are conducted by Ben, they are fully claimable under most Private Health Insurance policies (please check your own level to confirm).

Please enquire for further details.

Take a breath;

You are probably reading this because you are in pain, confused about your condition or don’t know what to do. Don’t add anxiety by Googling your symptoms.

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