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Exercise programmes

Exercise prescription forms an integral part of most physiotherapy rehabilitation programmes. Exercise is essential to recovery from sports injuries, following surgery, after an acute trauma such as from a fall or fracture, in the management of acute and chronic low...

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Dry Needling

The word acupuncture comes from the Latin word for needle (acus) and it means “puncturing of bodily tissue for the relief of pain”. Physiotherapy use of acupuncture in the form of dry needling is often confused with the Eastern medicine...

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Soccer injuries

Soccer injuries cover a wide array of complaints and can involve every part of the body. From concussions (head trauma) to plantar fasciitis (foot pain at the bottom of the heel), soccer players are prone to them all. Some of...

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Golf injuries

Repetitive injuries are quite common in golf and usually occur in the soft tissues (muscles, ligaments and tendons) of the lower back, shoulders, hands and wrists. Many injuries can be avoided with proper conditioning and by improving your swing. Some...

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Football injuries

Football injuries can arise from direct trauma, overuse, environmental conditions and the physical shape of the player. Many football injuries involve the knees, ankles, shins and the groin. These injuries, while not life-threatening, may lead to fatal conditions, and for...

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