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What can I expect on my first session?

In your first session, your physiotherapist will take a detailed history of your specific injury or concern. Based on what you have described, your physio will undertake a thorough assessment of the injured/concerned part, as well as other areas of your body that may be contributing to your current condition. With all this information, your physio will diagnose your problem, establish a individualised treatment plan particular to your needs, and answer any questions you may have about your recovery period.

What caused my pain/injury? What can I do to stop it from happening again?

As your physio establishes a diagnosis, they will also explain why the injury occurred and what the key underlying factors were. From there, your physio will prescribe a plan not only to help alleviate you pain, but also to address the underlying factors to prevent injury recurrence.

What can I do to assist my recovery?

Consistency is the name of the game! With proper treatment and committing to the exercises prescribed, you can help speed the whole process up. Also, adhering to recommendations given in relation to work and other activities that are contributing factors are key.

What should I avoid?

That depends on the injury. For example, long gone are the days where bed rest was recommended for a back problem. Continuing with light activities and respecting your pain without being fearful of it is important. Your physio will tell you what things you have to stop, modify and what to incorporate in your daily activities according to your condition/injury.

Can I contact my physio in between sessions if I have any questions?

Absolutely! If you are concerned about anything discussed or if you have questions in regards to the exercises shown, your physio will be happy to address those issues in between sessions. Please feel free to phone or email at anytime. No question is too small.

I am a busy person, how can I integrate the exercises you have given me into everyday life?

Finding time to undertake your exercises is always a challenge, and we understand that. At Absolute Physiotherapy we teach you how to integrate the exercises into your everyday lifestyle, changing movement patterns for long term outcomes. 

Will you communicate with my GP or other health providers involved in my care?

When it is appropriate your physio will contact any other relevant health providers involved in your care know of your progress. We understand that healthcare is a holistic approach and having a good team around you is the best way to achieve long lasting success.

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