Incorporating exercise in a busy schedule

After reading all of the research that has been done concerning the part that exercise plays in keeping the body healthy, it is hard to dispute the overwhelming evidence that it will keep you supple, increase your energy, and help you ward off the effects of ageing. Recognising that you need to exercise and finding the time in your hectic schedule to do it, however, are two different things. How is it possible to incorporate exercise into your already overloaded day?

First, you need to consider whether there is any block of time which you now use for something less important that can be converted into exercise time. While getting enough sleep is paramount, some people can get up thirty minutes earlier to do an exercise video or to visit a gym. Others can take half of their lunch break to take a brisk walk. Another option might be to register for a group fitness class or perhaps take a yoga class right after work, instead of watching a movie. We can provide you with the support and educational materials necessary to help you move from a sedentary lifestyle to one of activity.

If you are unable to find a large block of time to exercise, recent evidence suggests that exercise done in short increments can be just as effective. Keeping stretch bands in a basket in the kitchen will make doing toning exercises a breeze while you wait for the water to boil or the microwave to finish. Consistently doing ten lifts with every basket of clothing on the way to the washer will increase muscle mass. Wearing a pedometer during daily work activities encourages to increase the number of steps taken during any given day.

Incorporating exercise into your workday is not the only way to creatively make it a good habit. Exercise can become a great part of your social life. While waiting for the children to practice their various athletic activities, parents can spend their time walking around the facility. Instead of inviting a neighbour over for dinner, you can offer to meet them at the tennis court, golf course, or bowling alley. In this way, you can use the same time you are catching up with special friends to exercise too.

Even sitting at a computer can become more than completely sedentary activity. Neck rolls, stretches, and bends can be accomplished as websites load or pages are printing. Keeping a tennis ball handy makes it easy to roll it under the foot, and leg weights can make leg lifts effective during long waits. Simply using weights while talking on the phone builds muscle.

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