7 things every workout should include

A workout is a workout, right? Well, it isn’t that simple. You work out to keep yourself fit, build up strength and endurance for a healthier and more enjoyable life. So here are some things you need to optimise your workout every time.

1. Eat before you work out

Working out with a light healthy meal in your stomach can help burn more calories. Fruit and nuts, low-fat yoghurt or cereal with some fruit are all good choices. We’re not talking about a meal here, and don’t forget the water!

2. Warm-up before you burn out

Exercising in the cold means your muscles are still stiff. Your body is unprepared. Your heart and blood circulation are still sluggish. This puts you at risk of injury, so make sure you warm up first – every time!

3. Push up your endurance with cardio

Cardio can mean any activity which uses your large muscles actively. It gets your heart pumping, your blood flowing, and your stamina extended. Take a brisk walk, or get on the treadmill. Aim for 30 minutes of cardio five times a week. Be sure to get professional advice, regarding your specific circumstances.

4. Burn more fat with strength training

Cardio gives you terrific stamina. Including strength training in your workout twice a week helps build lean muscle mass which is crucial for keeping fat burning all day long. Our friendly physiotherapists will help you choose appropriate cardio and weights for your age and fitness level.

5. Extend yourself with stretches

Once you’ve warmed up, do a few dynamic stretches before your workout. Stretch every muscle you’re going to use, slowly, as far as it will go without pain, holding it for 30 seconds. Be gentle and steady.

Cool down with a few static stretches. Your muscles are most flexible at this time. Make sure you learn the right technique – our physiotherapists will be glad to show you.

6. Mix it up for more challenge

Your muscles adapt when they are exposed to a certain set of movements five or six times. Interval training at least twice a week, but not on back-to-back days, is your best bet. Push yourself to the maximum for a few seconds every two minutes or so. Mix up your routines. You’ll also look forward to these frequent changes; it will motivate you to keep going.

7. Concentrate on the core

All your body movements flow from or pass through your “core”. This means the muscles supporting the backbone and abdomen. A firm core means more graceful and efficient actions. Core muscle workouts lessen your risk of injury tremendously. Ask us to show you how you can strengthen your core.

Strong people are naturally able to do a lot of things others can’t – and that makes their lives more varied, more challenging and more satisfying. So go ahead – make an appointment with us to find out how to build up your routine for fitness!

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