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Functional Strength Training

Run by Ben, we offer individual Functional Strength Training sessions. These sessions are ideal for people recovering from surgery, injury or just looking to improve their overall body strength and posture.

The emphasis is on postural strengthening and core re-training, the muscle groups that we rely on everyday to keep us pain-free. If you are an "office warrior" and find yourself largely sitting during the day and are looking for someone to develop a dedicated and individual program to improve your posture and overall body strength, then Ben is the Physio for you.

Ben will develop and supervise your own dedicated program. Then in consultation with you, construct a specific, and acheivable, home exercise regime. 

Ben's sessions are double the normal length of a standard physio session, but AT THE SAME COST. Even better, as Ben is a fully qualified physio all sessions can be claimed under your Private Medical Insurance.

So if you are looking to improve your over-all body strength in a FUNCTIONAL way, recovering from injury or just wanting to feel better and push the ageing process back a little bit, call us today to book in to see Ben.



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