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Sports-related injuries

Sports are physical activities, and when things get physical, there is potential for injury. Overuse and acute sprain and strain injuries are the most common. An overuse injury results from excessive wear and tear on the body, especially in areas subject to repeated activity. The major joints of the body such as ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow and wrist joints are the most prone to overuse injuries. A strain injury is where fibres in a muscle or tendon tear as a result of overstretching. A sprain injury involves the overstretching and tearing of ligaments.

Many sports injuries can be avoided by suitable conditioning, sufficient warm up, wearing appropriate footwear and using correct techniques. In this section, we look at some injuries pertinent to common sports. With nearly all sports-related injuries, physiotherapy can help.

In this section

Athletics injuries

Athletic injuries are common and physiotherapists are trained to treat most athletic injuries to ensure a return to sport that is as quick and safe as possible with little chance of re-injury. Read more →

Aussie Rules Football injuries

Australian Rules football is a demanding sport that calls for strength, flexibility, endurance and skill. Football players generally take good care of their bodies, but football is a high-impact, contact sport and despite the... Read more →

Basketball injuries

Basketball injuries can be nagging long term, so getting the right physiotherapy and treatment and advice following injury is essential Read more →

Endurance sports injuries

Athletes who participate in endurance sports are subject to injuries different from those suffered by other athletes. Most of these endurance sports injuries are the direct result of pushing the body to its limits over a long period of... Read more →

Football injuries

Many football injuries involve the knees, ankles, shins and the groin. While not life-threatening, these may lead to serious fatal conditions. Read more →

Martial arts injuries

Martial arts in its different forms carry with it the risk of injury, ranging from mild to severe. Seasoned martial arts performers stand a higher chance of sustaining a more serious injury due to the competitive nature of the sport. Read more →

Netball injuries

Netball is a game that calls for fast movements, lots of jumping and throwing and quick changes in direction. As a result, injuries of the foot and knee are very common. Being physically fit is not enough. Read more →

Running injuries

Because of the nature of the sport, running injuries can be frequent and sometimes frustratingly disabling for prolonged periods. Read more →

Skiing injuries

Skiing injuries are quite common, especially among occasional skiers. Most injuries occur as a result of falls; concussions, shoulder injuries and fractures being the most common. Read more →

Snowboarding injuries

Snowboarding injuries are more common among novice boarders than professionals. Some reasons are improper balance, conditioning and not wearing proper gear. Read more →

Soccer injuries

Soccer injuries cover a wide array of complaints and can involve every part of the body. From concussions to plantar fasciitis, soccer players are prone to them all. Read more →

Squash injuries

The game of squash is a high-impact, fast moving one that lends itself to a lot of injuries, some of which may be severe. Read more →

Swimming injuries

The main areas that are injured while swimming are the shoulders and the knees. However, muscle cramps also occur as well as injuries of the back and neck. Read more →

Tennis injuries

The game of tennis is one that requires endurance, flexibility and good overall fitness. Many people become injured while playing tennis either from a sudden impact or from overuse of muscles and joints. Read more →

Weight training injuries

Weight training is a demanding activity that calls for concentration, commitment and overall health and fitness. Read more →


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